The department responsible for producing food is crucial to the hotel sector.

One can learn several aspects of food production, such as food cost control, kitchen management, culinary techniques, and preparation procedures.
The most crucial man in the hospitality sector is the chef. Along with carrying out other tasks like choosing the menu, ensuring food quality, managing the kitchen, and so forth, he is in charge of cooking for all specialty restaurants.
One can work as a trainee at any hotel after completing the training and receive a monthly pay of INR 20,000–30,000. Salary Increases After One Year of Experience
Courses Name Duration Total Amount Admission Time 1st Inst. 2nd Inst.
Courses Name Food Production Duration 6 Months Total Amount 30000 Admission Time 15000 1st Inst. 7500 2nd Inst. 7500
The Best
Food Production Operation Course

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen.


The Best
Food Production Operation Course

We are creating, engineering, and working with the head chef.


The Best
Food Production Operation Course

Make a variety of vegetable cuts.


Career Scope For Food Production Operation CourseTraining In Kolkata
  1. Food Technologist
  2. Food Quality Assurance Manager
  3. Front line Executive
  4. Production Supervisor
  5. Food Processor
Job Placement Assistance
Salary After Food Production Operation Course Training In Kolkata
  1. Encompasses between ₹2 Lac to 8 Lac per annum in India.
Key Highlights Of Food Production Operation Course Near Me From EME
  1. Internships from reputable employers
  2. Placements with top recruiters in the industry
  3. Training with industry professionals
  4. Updated courses
  5. Practical experience
  6. Jobs & placement cell assistance

Why choose Food Production Operation Course

Food Production Operation Course

Food preparation includes seasoning and cooking soup, meat, vegetables, etc. Plan and prepare Indian food.Plan and prepare Indian food.

Food Production Operation Course

Create an ala carte or breakfast buffet menu. Worked as a manager and made sandwiches, salads, fruit juices, salads, etc.

Food Production Operation Course

Plan the menu as directed and prepare unusual Indian dishes. Take care of the food preparation tasks.

Food Production Operation Course

Work at restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, cruise ships, motels, nursing homes, and other hospitality-related establishments.

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