Hotel Management Course After 12th Class

Why it is Worth Joining Hotel Management Course After 12th Class?

No more shadow of doubt is here that the hospitality industry has been gaining popularity again and expanding gradually by thrashing the pandemic blues. The reason why, numerous students about to complete have already considered joining top hotel management courses after 12th class in Kolkata to opt for a lucrative career presently. Surprisingly, the hotel management fees in Kolkata befit pockets of parents and open up the gateway to obtaining a golden future for students who have already started dreaming big and simultaneously been preparing for their 12th exam. 

Why Opt For a Hotel Management Course After the 12th?

No matter what stream a student is reading in, hotel management courses are accessible to enroll in after the 12th standard exam. From front office manager to hotel manager, food and beverage manager to banquet manager, restaurant and food service manager to housekeeping manager, and to name a few – the present hotel industry comes up with an array of employment opportunities in various settings including hotels, resorts, clubs, and restaurants for candidates. Aspiring students in Kolkata can consider EME Academy, the best hotel management Institute in Kolkata for desired hotel management courses at custom fee packages.  

With the right training and industry-fitting course structure, students can set off their careers in the hotel industry soon after the completion of BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management).

Factual Reasons for Pursuing Hotel Management Course After 12th

The hospitality industry in India is expected to witness massive changes in 2024. According to reliable sources, the industry will bounce at a CAGR of 4.73% between 2024 and 2029. The current market size of hospitality services in India is estimated to be around USD 25 billion in 2024, and it is expected to reach USD 31 billion or more by 2029. These data are enough to convince students and their parents why students should consider joining a hotel management course right after the 12th. If you are a smart one, you certainly agree with this point. Isn’t it?

Additional Reasons to Join Hotel Management Institute after High School

  • Hotel management courses present an array of skills and knowledge to students with real-time experience. 
  • Hotel management courses are designed with the right balance of theoretical and practical training programs. 
  • Each student gets the opportunity to have hands-on experience to gain valuable knowledge and mastery. 

Last but not least, a hotel management course from a hotel management institute of repute in Kolkata offers internships and/or placement opportunities that allow students to hone their skills and prepare to work in the hospitality industry before they opt for full-time employment. 

Career Scope at the Global Level

It’s hard to find a job seeker regardless of industry who doesn’t dream of flying aboard. The hotel industry is an amazing domain where you can get opportunities to travel to domestic and international places throughout your career. Additionally, India’s economy is partly benefiting from the tourism and hospitality sector. This scenario creates excellent job prospects for current and upcoming hotel industry workers in the long run.


if you are at the threshold of picking up a career and thinking of pursuing a hotel management course in Kolkata, EME Academy is here to shape your dream into reality at competitive hotel management fees in Kolkata. Feel free to contact EME Academy now.